‘Silent Revolution’: A Call To Act!

A panel-led Research Symposium discussing the dialogue between creative practice and social-political process.




A collaboration between Intercultural Roots ‘Health & WELLth’ Festival, East 15 Acting School Research Group & the Cross Pollination Group

Central to ‘Silent Revolution’: A Call to Act!

Research Symposium is the connection and potential dialogue between the microcosm of new embodied creative practices and their transformative macro-potential for socio-political processes.

We are asking the following question:

‘What can we learn from emerging embodied research methodologies for collaboration and applied creative practices that can be applied to the real world to bring new values or ways to act in the context of contemporary socio-political and environmental crisis?

’Collaborative embodied research and applied creative practices are proposing non-linear, horizontal principles for becoming together that are generating new values and purposeful community-based responses to the verticality of the individualist and capitalistic regime. The notion of a ‘cooperative village’ and its constituent micropolitics have the potential to interweave into the fabric of creative making in open relationship with the unknown. In dialogue with the existential crisis affecting humanity today, proposals for small acts that re-signify the ecological relationship between people, places and spaces can powerfully manifest a silent revolution of collective disruption.

Join our invited panel of speakers to co-investigate:

the role of embodied creativity in developing the agency of the individual-collective within the socio-political environmenthow micropolitical principles and values from emerging collaborative methodologies can become embodied in everyday living approaches that attune collaborative ways of being together with the political, especially in the particular times that we are living facilitating time, place and people to allow collective life independent of capitalist frames facilitating a ‘silent revolution’, one that is less cognitive, less violent – that emerges from the felt sense of embodied wisdom